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Thread: Help PLEASE.. Unloking

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    Help PLEASE.. Unloking


    Sorry but im new to all this, so try to bare with me.

    I have a Nokia 6110, o2-BT network, IMEI -> 490523203776263

    Also i would like to know if there is a remote calculation software that works, i can download from anywere for Nokia 6110 & 5110?

    If it's not to much trouble can you e-mail me your reply at

    Hope to hear from you soon, take care.


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    This can be unlocked using B-PhreaksEepromToolsv3.1 and a data cable. depending on the software version, it may be able to be unlocked using Nokall, however, as both softwares are readily available on the net, I would use eeprom tool.

    You will need a cable to unlock the phone, but you need to understand that as it is a 6110 it will only work on BT (O2) or Vodafone....unless nockia has brought out a new version of 6110

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    Phone Calculation

    As, Dert said, use Eeprom Tools v3.1 by BPHREAKS (designed for 51xx/61xx phones), aside from that you can also use NokTool 1.8/1.9 by ROLIS, Knok 22, Knok 95 or Knok Phoenix to unlock your phone. If you would like to learn on how to unlock your phone using these tools, visit these thread as this will help you a lot.


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