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Thread: f/m-bus cable driver?

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    f/m-bus cable driver?

    hey, i bought this cable from ebay.... it said no software included but can be found on the internet.

    it's not a phone manager i'm after, but the driver to get the damn cable to work - can anyone help me out? i've tried searching on the internet but have turned up nothing useful.


    edit - oh, it's for a 7250i btw... in case that matters
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    it is just a cable, you don't need a driver for it.

    "no software included" means it comes with no software, and if you want a phone manager or any other program you'll have to find them yourself.

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    What operating system are you using?

    What type of cable is it? F/Mbus or DKU-5 cable?

    You can use OPM, MobiMB, Gammu, etc...

    Please provide more info.

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    it is an f/m-bus as far as i'm aware...

    on windows millenium...

    trying to use nokia phone suite - is this my problem?

    when i plugged in the cable the comp said that "new hardware detected" blah blah, and asked for the location of the driver...

    also the problem is when i try to install nokia phonesuite, it can't detect the phone being connected... which is a bugger.

    do i just need to download a different phone manager?

    cheers for the help

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    I don't think this is a f/m-bus cable - as its USB and has a Pop-Port, looks more like a copy of the Nokia DKU-5 cable...

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    really? well i know nothing about these things....

    in the title, it said " NOKIA 7210/7250/6610 USB DATA CABLE F&M-BUS"

    and in the description it says:


    - Standard USB type A connector for connection to PC.

    - High quality moulded connectors to protect pins and enhance durability.

    - Supports transfer rates upto 1.2 Mbps.

    - Contains zener diodes to protect the phone.

    - Fully MBus, FBus and DAU-9P compatible."

    like i said, i know nothing about this stuff really - i just want to be able to plug my phone into my comp...

    Any help you guys can give me is appreciated

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    okay, new problem - i got the relevant driver and installed it successfully... however, the phone still isn't being detected using any of the phone managers i've downloaded.


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    i know this sounds silly but have you told it correctly which com port it is on and identified it to the software what type of cable you are using. if you have then what driver did you install as i have a usb serial bridge driver for mine and willing to post it if you need.

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    i had a play around after work today, and manged to get it to work...

    it seems my comp decided to disable the usb in the hardware profiles, and i was only checking to see if the com was enabled...

    thanks though!

    now oxygen phone manager keeps crashing when i try to backup my phone though - just after i've selected a file name it freezes... just downloading it again and re-installing to see if that sorts it.

    nothing's ever easy!

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    Good luck with it, perhaps try the free Nokia PC Data Suite instead

  11. Same problem


    I also have the same problem when backing up my phone. i have a different cable how ever. try using MobiMB i can get one or 2 pictures from my phone but then it crashes, better than having none from OXygen thow

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    I have the same cable... its a DAU-P9/f&MBus!!!! Works great with opm... Hope u sort it out!!!!
    btw, it should have come with the driver... mine did!!!!
    You probably have it fixed now..... if you dont i'll send you my driver through email.. post back!!!

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    I need that driver too cos i got it confused with Nokia's dku-5 cable driver. Could you guys post the link fromwhere I can download it from or message me on Yahoo Messenger?

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