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Thread: cant connect my nokia7250i to oxygen

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    cant connect my nokia7250i to oxygen

    hiya guys.
    im having a bit of trouble connecting my nokia 7250i to oxygen,ive tried using a usb irda port to my infared on my phone but it keeps losing connection.
    so i bought a usb cable which works ok with the softwate that came with it(but its not that good) and it works with nokia data suite,But when i try and connect it to oxygen it doesnt recognise the phone.
    the port that the cable is set up on is com port 5 but it wont detect the phone.

    any help on this would be much appreciated



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    You need to make sure your version of Oxygen Phone Manager II is v2.1.5 or above in order to fully connect the 7250i to it.

    Also make sure that the Nokia PC Suite isn't monitoring the same COM port at the same time as the OPM II software, as this will obviously cause connection problems. Basically disable the PC Suite (OPM II is all you need anyway!)

    You can download the 'Cracked' OPM II v2.1.5.0 by clicking the link below or copying and pasting it into your Internet Explorer Browser (Passive will have to be enabled in order to connect sufficiently).

    Any problems, then let us know via reply or email: [email protected]

    Enjoy )


    Oxygen Phone Manager v. +

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    Sorry Mod.

    For the attention of the Moderators:

    Our sincere apologies for posting warez, shall not happen again.

    If any body is interested in warez, pls email us direct or use File Sharing programs such as Kazaa or similar.


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    help me plz

    can any one help me plz i need the oxygen phone 2.1.6 cracked plz

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