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Thread: picture sending help!!!!!!

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    picture sending help!!!!!!

    ive got a 5100 and each time i try to send a multimedia picture to my girlfriends phone, i get an error, then the phone displays " saving message for sending later", then i get an error saying " gprs not available"

    please could someone tell me what im doing wrong.

    im on vodafone p.a.y.g


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    Exclamation need GPRS for that service - check with operator

    Hi there :)

    MMS (Multi Media Message) service requires GPRS to be enabled. It works similar to to e-mail where you upload something to a mail server (sending mail) and the recipient downloads from that server (receive mail). Sending an MMS means uploading that picture to your network provider's server, using GPRS, and the recipient receives a link to the content and his/her phone downloads it from there, again using GPRS.

    As you are Pay As You Go customer, you should call your network provider (Vodafone) and ask them wether their Pay As You Go includes use of GPRS, and if so, you need to have it activated. They most likely will send you a SMS with the required settings, which the phone will set automatically upon receiving this SMS.
    After you have GPRS activated, you can use MMS, in some cases you may need to do some extra settings (similar to SMS centre number etc) which can evtl. also be send to you as a SMS from your provider. Simply call them and ask for it :)

    The message you get "GPRS not available" says that your GPRS is not yet activated, or not set up in your phone. It therefor saves the MMS into the MMS-outbox and tries a few times to re-send it before it "gives up".

    Kind regards....

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