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Thread: Strange 7210 prob after use with OPM2

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    Strange 7210 prob after use with OPM2

    Finally i got the full version of OPM2.15 and the 1st thing i thought i would do would be to restore my phone with a previous backup i made.

    during this the phone switched off (i dunno if thats part of the restoring process) anyways OPm2 said the restore was complete. but after this my phone failed to swith on. i just got a faint flicker of power 2 the screen then off it went.

    does any 1 know wot this could be? and how it can be avoided in the future

    not knowin wot else 2 do i took it to the nokia service center. they said its best 2 send it 2 nokia . so thats wot ive done

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    Unlucky mate!!!!

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