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Thread: a920 Software Certification Issue ...

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    a920 Software Certification Issue ...

    Lo all,

    Has anyone been playing about with the UIQ a920? When 3 launched it (UK, Aus etc...) they took it on themselves to do an Orange and only allow software that has been signed by 3 to be installed whether it be midlets, symbian, whatever ...

    At the moment we're trying to use 3's development toolkit to sign third party midlets, but was wondering in the mean tme if anyone else has pipped us to the post and cracked it like the SPV?

    Ta all,


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    very interesting ...

    I should get my A920 by the beginning of next week and hope that the software certificate issue is cracked v. soon ...... Good Luck

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    unlocked !!!!!!!

    Here are some instructions how to install software on your A920

    1. Download the SDK from unzip it and install everything

    2. Download QFileMan from unzip it and place the qfileman.sis file in C:\Symbian\UIQ_2.1\epoc32\winscw\c\ and replace the file thats already there.

    3. Set a global variable EPOCROOT to \Symbian\UIQ_2.1\

    4. Open C:\Symbian\UIQ_2.1\epoc32\tools\epoc.bat to start the emulator

    5. Choose Luncher -> Install and install Quartz File Manager to the internal memory

    6. Copy C:\Symbian\UIQ_2.1\epoc32\winscw\c\system\Apps\QFILEMAN to Media Files\other on the A920

    7. Do a backup of your A920

    8. Open the backup directory (probably C:\Motorola\[The name of your phone]\backup)

    8. Move the QFileMan directory from Internal\documents\Media files\other\ to Internal\system\apps

    9. Make sure you have Microsoft Accsess, this is comercial software, so I can't provide you with any URL to download it from.

    10. Open the file [The name of your phone].mdb with Microsoft Accsess.

    11. Open TFilePath

    12. Find the line with documents\Media files\other\QFILEMAN and change it to system\apps\QFILEMAN

    13. Open A920 Desktop Suite

    14. Restore the two files QFILEMAN.APP and QFILEMAN.RSC

    Now you should have QFileMan installed on your a920, and for the next program you want to install, you can use QFileMan to move the new program from Media Files\other to it proper directory. A tip on how to know what files have been installed in the emulator filesystem is to sort them by modified date, then you can easily find out what files you need copy to your A920.

    Thanks to Johan.

    got this off another forum, still trying to get it to work though, how do u set a global variable ??? any answers ???

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    could you please repost the link to

    The link is corrupt (contains ...) - and attempts to manually recreate the link have either failed, or the file has been removed :/

    Much Appreciated.

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    found it

    you probably need to register to get there - but it's free, and just needs email confirmation.

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    Lightbulb Handy Databank on A920

    I've finally managed to get this onto my A920 via the above method (emulator, qfile manager etc) and it loads fine BUT it won't recognise the files it save. It will import a text file and apparently save it as a database but it won't show a list of .hb files (even the ones it says it has saved which appear to be on the machine).

    So near yet oh so far!

    Any ideas?

    Ahha just sorted it.
    The .mdl file in sys/recogs hadn't been copied across - works fine now
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    My Contacts

    Heya .. I got the emulator working file. Though , what i am trying to do, is reverse the procedure so that i can replace the contacts.cdb file in \\system\\data so that i can recover my files. Though the emulator phone brings out the error, "this application is damages and will be deleted" and then it creates a new cdb file replacing mine. I think that there is an incompatibility between the a920 symbian i got and the one that the emulator uses... I can't think of any way that i can read my contacts again. Can anyone help me on that ? I am getting desperate here
    Thanks for reading...

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    If you guys don't know about this, visit your '3' store or participating superdrugs store (with '3' area inside) and get the latest firmware update for free. This will open the phone for 3rd party software and give you bluetooth. It will take about a week and demand for a loan phone. Go somewhere else if they don't have one.

    For more info go into the forums of and

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    Software Certification

    Did you ever manage to install software onto you A920? - did those instructions work?

    Please help!

    Thanks, Ed

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    Dear Ed

    Yes they did - just had the bluetooth upgrade (turns it into a925 I think effectively) and its a lot easier. The Qfilemanager sis file now installs directly from your PC without a problem so lots of the first stuff isn't needed. I still had to reinstall Handy databank by hand as it expects to load into a P800 and complains if you try and install via the SIS file. I installed to P800 IUQ 2.1 then copied the files across (sorted by date order on PC search to work out which ones) and that worked fine. Rememver to include a Recog folder and the file in that cos that foldert doesn't seem to be in the A920/925 to start with.

    NB The A920 PC backup software didn't work any more (no CD returned by 3 with upgrade). After a wasted 30 mts on the customer "help" line who seemed to do everything in their power NOT to put me on to tech help) and a follow up call to the shopwith no joy I ended up downloading the A925 software from the web (search should do it). Should have been enclosed with my upgrade I would have thought but wasn't

    Hope this helps!!

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