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Thread: PUK code for nokia 6100 ???

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    PUK code for nokia 6100 ???

    Hi there,
    Can anyone help me please.....
    I have locked my nokia 6100 phone which is not registered to me and now it asks for the PUK code which i don't have a note of. Does anyone know how I can fix this problem so that I can use my sim again please?

    MODEL: Nokia 6100
    IMEI: 3509914/20/614112/5
    OPERATOR: Orange

    Orange won't help me because I bought the sim second hand and it's already registered to previous owner (who I don't know!!).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance


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    There is no way anyone can give you the PUK code. Only Orange has it and there is no way of calculating, reading, or cracking it.

    Best bet would be try pretend you're the old owner and get it transferred to your name.

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