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Thread: Any Nokia Dct4 Unlock Code For Any Phone Just Ask Me

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    Any Nokia Dct4 Unlock Code For Any Phone Just Ask Me

    Hi there if you want your new nokia/old nokia unlocking pm me with the imei and the phone model and i will try and get the code back to you asap

    I can unlock these phones
    Nokia 3510 [NHM-8]:
    Nokia 3510i [RH-9]:
    Nokia 3530 [RH-9]:
    Nokia 3585
    Nokia 3590
    Nokia 3595
    Nokia 5100
    Nokia 6100 [NPL-2]:
    Nokia 6310 [NPE-4]:
    Nokia 6310i [NPL-1]:
    Nokia 6340
    Nokia 6360 [NPW-2]:
    Nokia 6390
    Nokia 6500
    Nokia 6510 [NPM-9]:
    Nokia 6590 [NSM-9]:
    Nokia 6610 [NHL-4U]:
    Nokia 6650 [NHM-1]:
    Nokia 7210 [NHL-4]:
    Nokia 7250 [NHL-4J]:
    Nokia 8310 [NHM-7]:
    Nokia 8310i
    Nokia 8390 [NSB-8]:
    Nokia 8910 [NHM-4]:
    Nokia 8910i
    Nokia 3650
    Nokia 6600
    Nokia 7650
    Nokis Ngage
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    that is what this forum is all about unlocking
    for free so if any one want to unlock there fone all they have to to is post there Detail here or download the softwear

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    can u unlock my 3510i its on virgin

    serial no. 351514008080199

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    Your code Is
    Nokia 3510i
    Virgin Uk
    Imei .... 351514008080199

    unlock code
    post reply

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    Nokia 6650

    I have a Nokia 6650 with the IMEI number 353103/02/097671/3 could you tell me the unlocking code

    Thanks in advance


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    I will suggest the website where they are providing free unlock codes and master reset codes for the phones like Nokia, Samsung, LG etc. Hope this helps

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    Can u unlock Nokia 5530

    hi i am just askin if u can i have it here if u can i will post imei asap
    thanx in advance

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