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Thread: DIV and NTPORTIO.SYS solution.

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    DIV and NTPORTIO.SYS solution.


    I believe I've found the solution for the problems with div 8.3 + div 8.4 and ntportio.sys.
    I've only tried on the cracked version for the terminator dongle and it works for me.
    As most of you probably know ntportio.sys is just a rename of userport.sys.
    I have userport installed and couldn't get div to work, even when I had put ntportio.sys in the same directory it kept asking for it.
    The (simple) solution:
    I started up the userport program and stopped the userport.sys driver.
    After that div started up fine.

    I hope this will help at least some of you to get div to work

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    Or use Windows 98 instead.

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    or use windows xp and set the div to run under windows 98/me. worked fine for me

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