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Thread: Mitsubishi T250 Tdma Unlocking ??????

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    Mitsubishi T250 Tdma Unlocking ??????

    does anyone have a software to unlock mitsubishi TDMA t250
    i will pay nicely.....

    let me know.....need ASAP!!!

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    Mitsubishi T250 Software

    I have the full software for Mitsubishi T-200 and T250 , it is caled the CHIP
    (Carrier Handset Interface Program) .

    I had about 1200 Mitsubishi T-250 Phones and I paid $1600 for it ( yes they screwed me real bad )

    I can sell you a copy of it for $750 and if you have software for Mitsubishi T300 with the data cable , maybe we can exchange for free

    pls relpy to

    [email protected]



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