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Thread: Zero tolerance policy on "CDMA to GSM conversion" posts

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    Zero tolerance policy on "CDMA to GSM conversion" posts

    Hi everyone,

    I'd like to clear this Nokia CDMA phone question once and for all:

    It doesn't matter which current Nokia CDMA phone you have, or whether it has a R-UIM slot at the back or not, your Nokia CDMA mobile phone CANNOT be converted for use with a GSM network. CDMA IS-95 (or CDMA2000) and GSM are COMPLETELY different mobile telephony systems, and they're totally incompatible.

    There's ABSOLUTELY NO WAY a CDMA phone can be converted for GSM use, or vice-versa. If a friend of friend of a cousin says they've managed it, then they're most certainly lying (or maybe not. Maybe they're just insane!).

    What does exist is the possibility of activating a CDMA phone through either OTA (over-the-air) authentication, or using a UIM (User Identity Module) card. This UIM is similar in appearance to a GSM SIM card, but only in appearance because they're also incompatible.

    Now, the activation method is a choice that your CDMA provider makes at the time of deploying its network, it's not a user choice. If your CDMA provider uses OTA activation, then you're stuck with it and only roaming visitors will be able to use their UIM-activated phones. And vice-versa.

    This applies to ALL Nokia CDMA phones that have or may have UIM slots installed on them: 2280, 3586/86i/88/89, 3105, 6225, 6585.


    now that we're clear about this CDMA-to-GSM conversion issue, let me make another thing clear: from the moment this post is stuck onto the CDMA/TDMA forum, all new posts regarding this issue will be deleted as soon as we can find them. Anyone who insists in asking about this will be subject to suspension or banning from the forum.

    Please DO NOT test the forum moderators on this matter.

    Let's move the CDMA forum on to other, more important, real issues.

    Thank you.
    Fernanda Castro Santos

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    Cool Yep, thanks, thats good idea.

    I tried some possibilities ( etc.) but with no success.
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    Thumbs up Brilliant, it works. Thank you

    OK!!!!! It Does work, thank you for your kindless.

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