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Thread: Unlock Samsung E715

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    Unlock Samsung E715

    Hey people, i don't really know if there's a way to permanently unlock this phone, but if anyone knows how, please reply to this post. I've heard that i need a cable, others tell me that there is a code that i can put in (just like nokia phones) Any reply would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks !!!

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    this is what u need 100% stuff

    here a free unlock do it yourself but shhh i dint tell you
    1. Insert the wrong sim card into the phone a message saying “wrong sim card” should appear on the screen. You can only make sos calls at this point.
    2. Enter in the phone *#9998*3323#
    3. You will now see the option exit on the left side of the phone. Hit the left soft key to exit.
    4. Press the “7” key on the key pad. Your phone will now reboot. (turn off and turn on automatically.)
    5. After the phone turns back on it will be unlocked to your sim card in the phone. TO finish unlocking the phone do the following
    6. Enter *0141#
    7. then hit the call button as if you were calling the above number. A small box saying “Personalized” will now appear.
    8. Turn off your phone take off the battery and insert a different sim car then the one that was previously in the phone.
    9. When you turn on the phone it will ask you for a “SIM unlock code” this number is “00000000” or 8 zeros.
    10. Press ok and now your phone is unlocked to all carriers
    11. To change your wap browser settings enter *2767*927# this will reset your wap browser then enter *#87927# and edit one of your profiles

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    Does This Actually Work?

    Has any one else tried George's method to unlock the samsung e715 phone?
    Does this method work?
    Will this fuck up the phone or sim?
    Will it create a permanent lock if this is not the correct sim unlock code?
    If this worked is it a one time process of do you have to do it every time for another sim?

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    yes its working,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    now the handset will not go on can some one help me...........................

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    Goerge Vandal you are the best.It worked with my E715.

    thanks man

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