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Thread: terminator dongle problem

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    terminator dongle problem

    i have made the dongle terminator but don't work, when i run the soft, it tells me "dongle not found", i have take a look to the scheme that a lot of people put in the www, and i have found different errors.
    in the ic 4066 don't draw the pins 7 and 14, in the usb conector, the positive and negative pins are changed and another errors.
    ok, i have mounted the circuit in a test board, for testing, before i do a good pcb, i have not mounted the ic 74HC74 because is an interface for the card and is not necessary, i have programed the ic pic16f876 and not work, after this i see the errors in the scheme and i rectify the circuit, but stiil don't work.
    i have tested two diferent hex and nothing change, i think the problem is the hex because if the scheme is wrong then is posible the hex is wrong too.
    i don't understand why the people put in the web one scheme and say it works if that is not true.
    if somebody can help me i'll be grateful with him

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    Terminator donggle trouble

    Why make you own when you can buy on for 25 including shipping or 10 for 14 @ [email protected]

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomo-ken
    Why make you own when you can buy on for 25 including shipping or 10 for 14 @ [email protected]
    yes i know is not expensive, but i like to make electronic circuits and see that it works, i have the scheme of this circuit and when i begin to mount it i have seen there are a lot of errors, if i don't do that i don't know this

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