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Thread: t610 network problem?

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    t610 network problem?

    Need major help from somebody i have a t610 was locked to vodafone i had it unlocked profesinally and its seem to say no access with one of my o2 cards and the other ones doesnt work too. i was wondering if anyone has had this prob? if so how did they resolve it. ive also tried other vodafoen sim cards and that doesnt work and i have calle vodafone and they said the phone is not blocked
    Any help is appriacted

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    are you sure it wass unlocked professionally? which method did they use? did they input codes manually via handset keypad? or use direct unlock? anyway I thinks you should try flash .gdf if this not work then maybe hardware problem.

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    wel i didnt fancy buying the dongle and everything my self so i went to a phone shop it lets me put in my o2 sim and doesnt reject it. but they guy who sold it to me he has had the cover off is ther anything like the ariel being disconnected from the inside being the problem?
    thanks every so much for our help

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