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Thread: sagum mw3020 unlock :-?

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    sagum mw3020 unlock :-?

    how do i unlock sagum mw 3020 is this a cable or can it be unlocked by code if so how. just need some info... thanx

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    press down then *.... goto "application" then "version"
    Post here your version and imei

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    First Thanx for the help. i got this phone at the boot sale for 10p it did not work but for 10p i would look at it. I took it apart and give it a clean and hey presto it switched on. I have tryed 2 sim cards in the phone and it says "SIM LOCKED" so the only info i can give u is what it says in the back of the phone this is it:
    MEMI: 350800352984990
    SIM 3V MW3020
    F326/02 N1
    Apart from this that is it. Is there a code like with nokias *#0000# i could use to get the version. It is old looking with a green screen hope this will help u solve me problem many thanks

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