I need to finf out two things. First , does anyone know where I can purchase Unlocking software that can read the subsidy passwords on all p2k phones.....like v60 , v60i , v66 , v66i , v70 , v270 , v280(all versions,old and new) . Remote unlocking/motorola server is too slow these days and my evolution clip does not always unlock these phones. I am told because it cannot calculate checksum for phones with susidy passwords.. I need a software/cable solution urgently so I can read code right away for those phones that canot be unlocked by the clips..
I have seen the victor software but that's real expensive ...600.00usd..is there anything else/

Secondly ,I have a dead Motorola v66i that was badly inlocked by a Victor cracked software beacuse the person messed with the EEPROM jobs and I don't think the sofware supported the v66i only the v66 ect. Any idea how I can repair this phone. Phone will only power on by holding the # , * and the power key simultaneously.It will not come on using the powere key alone. When it does come on it says bootloader and none of the other keys will work.