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Thread: unlock mits m21i and pin out

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    unlock mits m21i and pin out

    pleas help me unlock mits m21i and pleas gyve-me pin out


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    pinout can be found on (in free downloads section - Alcatel Pinout - XG 3 - is same as with alcatel 531 (aka Trium MT 560)

    free software does not exist at the moment.
    Bau !

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    best regards

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    and you are also banned for 10 days...
    Bau !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alinus
    free software does not exist at the moment.
    Hi Alinus,
    sorry to bother you.. but are you sure on this one ? Coz i've heard some rumors that free solution already exists.. i still did not toke the time to search for it (will do it now).. but it seems that some kind of free solution actually is running arround.

    Can you comment on this plz ?

    Thkz and regards to al..

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