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Thread: ONLY HERE in THIS THREAD u can post imei requests for Panasonic phones

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    how do i unlock this GU87 on at&t imei: 351383980225515

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    panasonic gd67

    Hi could someone give the unlock codes for a panasonic gd67 thanks imei is 350832302685450 locked to uk voda

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    x70 unlock code (HELP PLEASE)

    can someone please help me i am looking for a code to unlock my x70

    IMEI: 351904008243261

    and locked to ORANGE

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    Exclamation Unlock for Panasonic GD55 on Vodafone

    Can anybody help i get a "SIM MEP lock failed" message on startup.
    Need an unlock code from anybody who can help asap please.
    imei code is: 352577007501761
    Thank you in advance. [email protected]


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    GD87E Unlock

    Can anyone help me unlock my panasonic GD87E which is locked to orange?

    The imei is 351066300605900

    i can unlock a nokia remotely in return

    many thanks

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    I got a Panasonic GD 55 (Vodafone pay as u talk ).
    Can some one help me to unlock it?Sim MEP lock failed

    IMEI : 3525 7700 7595 482

    [email protected]
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    Imei: 352577007595482

    Model: Panasonic GD55
    IMEI: 352577007595482

    NCKKN : **00012*42010253#
    NCKKN2: **00013*73209097#
    NSCKN : **00022*42610453#
    NSCKN2: **00023*73405097#
    SPCKS : **00032*42315403#
    SPCKS2: **00033*78452097#
    CKCCK : **00042*42839423#
    CKCCK2: **00043*72477297#
    PCKKP : **00052*42012273#
    PCKKP2: **00053*75229097#

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    Imei: 352577007501761

    Model: Panasonic GD55
    IMEI: 352577007501761

    NCKKN : **00012*42690295#
    NCKKN2: **00013*73339084#
    NSCKN : **00022*42290495#
    NSCKN2: **00023*73535084#
    SPCKS : **00032*42995445#
    SPCKS2: **00033*78582084#
    CKCCK : **00042*42419465#
    CKCCK2: **00043*72507284#
    PCKKP : **00052*42692215#
    PCKKP2: **00053*75359084#

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    Angry My Panasonic G50

    Hi I'm having some trouble with unlocking my Panasonic G50. I paid for a remote unlocking code and they have given me 3. All of which don't work. Im so angry! Can anyone give me some code for the following IMEI:


    Please please help if you can.

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    Thumbs up Imei: 352205003237871

    Model: Panasonic G50
    IMEI: 352205003237871

    NCKKN : **00012*09910573#
    NCKKN2: **00013*70199717#
    NSCKN : **00022*09110773#
    NSCKN2: **00023*70391717#
    SPCKS : **00032*09111793#
    SPCKS2: **00033*71358717#
    CKCCK : **00042*09739753#
    CKCCK2: **00043*79317917#
    PCKKP : **00052*09918593#
    PCKKP2: **00053*70119717#

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    Question Imei: 352577007501761


    I used the codes you gave me and it still comes up SIM MEP LOCK FAILED.

    Do i just enter all the codes? some say Done then Sim mep lock Failed
    others just say Done or Sim Mep lock failed
    And the 1 before last says "enter new phone code" with just an ok option.

    Any more help please?
    reply asap please,
    Thank you

    Louis R

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    hello ant

    hello ant can you please help me to unlock my phone

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    for IMEI 352577007501761

    352577007501761 22/05/2004
    NCKKN: **00012*42690295#
    NCKKN_2: **00013*73339084#
    NSCKN: **00022*42290495#
    NSCKN_2: **00023*73535084#
    SPCKS: **00032*42995445#
    SPCKS_2: **00033*78582084#
    CKCCK: **00042*42419465#
    CKCCK_2: **00043*72507284#
    PCKKP: **00052*42692215#
    PCKKP_2: **00053*75359084#

    Try with these

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    Hi, darkmark81 what models its your phone?

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    for IMEI 352577007501761

    Hey Ant,

    I tried those numbers and it was exactly the same. not working..

    Any other ideas.. Thanks for the help


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    Lightbulb for G50

    It seems that these codes do not work for the new versions. I seek new solution.

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    @ Louisr

    Remove sim card then enter
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    Talking Thanks!


    Those codes worked perfectly!
    Thank you very much!
    You are a god!

    Thanks again!

    Louis R

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    hello ant

    hello ant my phone is a panasonic X70 lock to orange


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    Hello ant, i have a GD67 locked to Virgin.
    my imei no is 351782000327302, can you unlock it?
    Or do i need a cable.


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    g50 not unlocking????????


    hi guys,

    just purchased a panasonic g50 on virgin and the following codes do not work!!!!

    Model: Panasonic GD55
    IMEI: 352205003247581

    NCKKN : **00012*49210533#
    NCKKN-2: **00013*79719446#
    NSCKN : **00022*49810733#
    NSCKN-2: **00023*79915446#
    SPCKS : **00032*49515783#
    SPCKS-2: **00033*74962446#
    CKCCK : **00042*49039703#
    CKCCK-2: **00043*78987646#
    PCKKP-2: **00052*49212553#
    PCKKP : **00053*71739446#

    Anyone any ideas????

    Also do i have to put in all the codes or just a certain one/two?

    Many thanks ..........

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    @ Pav147

    Remove sim card then enter

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    Just tried it and it works!!!!!!! many thanks..............

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    Question gd87

    can u please give me the codes to imei: 351067300411786. locked on voda
    SE.. please.
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    Can u give me codes?


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    unlock panasonic x60

    I need to unlock a panasonic X60.
    Can that be done by calculating codes from IMEI? If so were can I get the calculator software or can you give me the codes?
    Best Regards

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    could you please give me the unlock codes for a panasonic gd67 imei 351782000518298
    thanks daz

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    Hi there, could you please post the unlock codes for my GD87? Thanks.

    IMEI: 351066620142287

    It's locked to Orange in the UK.

    Thanks in advance.

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    please help me to unlock my panasonic GD88

    my phone imei no is 351067301269316

    [FONT=Arial]your help will be appreciated here....[/FONT]

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    Portugal - Land of Sun

    Panasonic EB-X70


    Alinus, can you please supply me with the codes for my Panasonic EB-X70.

    IMEI: 351904009526078

    Locked to Orange UK.


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    please help me....DG88 phone lock

    my gd88 had been lock by VODAFONE my IMEI no is 351067301269319 your help will be appreciated here....thanks a lot..!!!!

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    Please help me unlock my old panasonic eb-gd67. I have not used it for ages but my girlie has taken a shine to it. Can you help. The IMEI is 351782001175759.

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    unlockin panasonic x-60

    Is possible unlock the panasonic X-60 by IMEI?

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    Need to unlock GD87

    Hi there need unlocking code for GD-87

    IMEI = 351066301248296

    Locked to UK Orange network

    Thank You....

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    Dec 2002

    Unlock code for Panasonic X60

    Hi, can u give me unlock codes for a X60 with IMEI 351847008338211 locked now on Vodafone(Spain)?Thks in advance!

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    I'm from Brazil and i bought a Panasonic GD55 yesterday.

    So, it's SIM locked and I wanna unlock it.

    It's IMEI is: 351935005139219
    The operator name here is " Oi ", but at the menu i can read " vodaphone P "

    can give me the unlock code, please?

    thank you very much in advance!

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    May 2003
    hi there,

    i have got a panasonic g50 on virgin uk and when i put another sim into the phone it says 'SIM MEP lock failed' and i want to unlock it to all networks

    the imei is 352205003237293

    thank you!

    Last edited by MozzY; 13-06-2004 at 01:21 AM.

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    I have a GD52...
    I cant find an unlock code for it.
    And how do I unlock it when i got one?

    IMEI: 350039871609982

    Thankz a lot!!!

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    Unlock Panasonic X-60

    Hello everyone, 3 questions.

    1.- Is there any way to unlock the PanasoniC X-60 by IMEI ?
    IMEI : 351847009960708
    Vodafone Spain.
    If you wish you can send it to me to [email protected]

    2.- There is some code to erase the title in the middle window. It puts "Vodafone ES", ugly enough to put in the middle.

    3.- There are codes for this phone like others ? I mean, a code to put it to obtain amr state set to half rate, like *#2677*# or something like that ?

    Thanks in advance..
    Regard.s to everyone

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    panasonic GU-87 unlock code please

    Could you please provide an unlock code?
    My phone is locked on AT&T USA
    EB-GU 87
    IMEI 351 383 980 586 841

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