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Thread: need help urgent plz...:)

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    need help urgent plz...:)

    hey dudes, sup ? how things ?

    hope ok, ok i asked about a month or so about help in a myx-5m, ok no code can be generated *i believe*, and it was told by stonestuck (sorry if i wrote it wrong!) that only by remote server or cable, ok so i bouth the cable, i have looked everywhere and can't find a Sh** on how to unlock it, or even remote server's, my question is is there anyone that could help me out ? plz i beg!

    the phone, when i turn it on, simply says simlocked, with or without simcard inserted, and the simcard inserted is the original that came with phone, plz anyone i'm kind of desperate

    thanks in advance for any help guys! cya l8r!

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    Talking Guru

    hey everyone,

    first of all, i wanna to thank u everyone of this forum, great place, great info, and now the important part, i was struggling with my sagem myx-5m it was simply sim locked with or without sim, field 5375 was recked, and was the patience and the simpaty of STONESUK that help me out fixing the phone, now its running and pumping well i just wanna praise STONESUK, for his patience, and off course for his help, that i'm totally thankful, u are really the GURU of SAGEM like i read it before, *don't know where thou*, and now i can confirm, he is really a master of sagem phones.

    stonesuk thanks once more m8, u are really a great GURU of sagem.

    behave yourselfs and stay cool everyone!

    ps: don't spam his mailbox plz, after reading this post...

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