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Thread: help needed with c12 and o2 sim card

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    help needed with c12 and o2 sim card

    high i have this problem i have old c12 mobile with a 02(btcellnet) sim in it were u top up with 15 pounds a mounth and it gives u free calls to 1 bt landline (wich i use to call sick aunt) problem is i wont to use this sim in my 5210 but the sim is tyed to the phone some how , i was wondering if anyone has managed to get round this , i have 1 idea i think it might be the imei they are using to lock the sim to phone and i was wondering if i just change imei on the 5210 to the phillips
    imei will it then work??

    any help would be nice

    thannks in advance skedone

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    networks cant lock tim cards to imei's.

    it sounds like your other phone is GID1 locked. some networks use this to stop contract users putting thier sim in a payt phone.

    I may be wrong, but that what it sounds like to me.


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    so if i use same gid code on the nokia the sim should then work in it?/

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