A brief Guide to Posting For Newbies

Follow this guide to posting whenever posting in the future
If you follow this small guide there is a much bigger chance that you will get the response you require

1) Rules

Please read the forum rules and try to understand them before making a post


2) Which section to post in?
The first thing you should do when you are going to make a post is find out which section your question/comment fits in best

The first thing is the phone type, nokias have two main types DCT3 and DCT4 see this thread for details on DCT3 and DCT4 types:


You then need to decide which part of the DCT3 or DCT4 section your question/comment fits in best the easiest way to do this is to look at the titles if you cant decide where to put it click on the main sections and read a couple of threads if they have similar subjects then you should port your question there

Obviously if you are posting a different phone type, like samsung, sonyerricson etc. post in their sections

3) Choose a Suitable title
If people can see what your question is about just by reading the title then there is a much bigger chance you will find your answer

I have a Nk3310 that has signal problems

This thread could go in: Nokia DCT2/3 > 3xxx

The title I would choose is: '3310 with signal problems'
and not something like: 'Help Me'

4) Content Of the Post
In your post you need to include as much detail with your problem as you can

Post like this:

I dropped my nokia 3310 in some water last week
I took it apart dryed it out and it now gets no signal
Has anyone got a solution to this problem?


Not like this:

My 3310 has signal problems

The more detail you give the easier the problem can get solved
And always be patient and friendly with your posts and can sometimes take weeks for people to find a solution

5) Editing Posts

If after you have clicked the submit button you wish to change something in there you can, by just clicking the 'edit' button to the bottom right of the thread