There are basically 2 types of games for series 60, symbian games (.sis ones) and java games (.jar ones).

installin symbian games are pretty straight forward, send to fone, den install and it will b in the menu.

now, lets say, u got a java game from, irc. and u wanna install it. chances are, when u get the java game, its either in rar or zip format.

extract it 1st, if u get a .jar file, den juz install it, and the game will b installed in the app folder.

but after u haf extracted it, and u ended up wif many folders, like meta, inf, etc folders, dun fret!

for example: --> unzipped, u got many folders.
rename the, to xxx.jar, den send to ur fone.

now, for windows 98 users, u need to change some folder settings so u can rename the file. to do tis...

go to start -> settings -> folder options

under the view tab, under the files and folder section,

click on both and options, now u can rename the zip file to jar file!

happy gaming!