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Thread: Internet on your phone using bluetooth and your pc connection!!

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    Internet on your phone using bluetooth and your pc connection!!

    this will work on most s60 phone I guess! it has been tested on an NGAGE and on N3650!

    step 1:
    Creating an access point on your phone!

    tools\settings\connection\access points\options\new access point>default settings...

    these are the settings u need there..

    Connection Name : Anything (sugestion ADLS or PCGPRS something u remember well cuz u'll need it later!)

    Data Bearer: GPRS

    Access Point Name: The name you gave to your bt connection when pairing up with the computer...

    Username : None

    Password : No

    Authentication : Normal

    Gateway IP Address :

    and that's all on this on this part..

    then go to:

    tools/settings/connection, and select GPRS

    set the GPRS connection to "when available", and the access point to "none".

    The settings on your fone are done! now... the next step;

    Create a serial port connection from ur pc to ur phone (u've done this before if u ever used Pcsuite from nokia), this serial connection must be on everytime you want to use your pc internet connection as a gprs connection for ur phone!!

    Install the software u need to surf the web (opera, netfront, agile messenger for chat, etc..)

    My advise to you is to use netfront, the options are pretty cool and it uses less memory meaning u can still run other program such as agile at the same time (it crashed my 3650 when I tried to do it with opera)..

    Voilá ur ready to use ur phone to surf and chat for free!!

    hope this helped you and that is simple and clear!! any question u know where to post, this will be updated if many doubts come up.

    ps. works with ngage arena games!!!



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