Flight mode

sometimes, u get the error "Out of mem", or sth like that when u run a game, or app. chances are, ur ram on ur fone is not enough to run it, one reason is there are other apps/games running in the background.

to see wat apps are running in the background, press and hold the menu button. to close any running apps/games, press c to close them. u can also press and hold the menu button to switch apps/games.

if theres nth running, and u still get out of mem issues, u might need flight mode.

flight mode, is a function in an application called Psiloc System Tools.

Using the flight mode in system tools, u need to activate it, then switch off fone, take out sim card, then switch on fone. this way, ur ram mem will b higher than normal, and chances of playing mem consuming games are higher.

But some ppl haf probs getting flight mode to work, mostly probs occur wif earlier versions of firmwares on 3650.

so, nxt time u get an app/game that cant run, and showed u the out of mem error, flight mode might b an option u want.