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Thread: nokia 3100 amr file

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    nokia 3100 amr file

    Hi all,

    When I got this phone I thought it would be awsome since you can record sound and use it as a ringtone. Unfortunatly, it sounds really bad. I figured if I could directly dump the sound onto the phone, I could use real music as my ringtone. I used nokia multi. convert and made an mp3 into an amr file. now, is there a place on the web I can upload this to and then download via my phones browser as opposed to spending a fortune on a cable? and what kind of quality can i expect? will it sound tinny?



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    i dont think a 3100 can play an amr file. pls correct me if im wrong.

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    3100b can

    3100b can.

    I can set it as default ringtone but I havent been able to set it as caller group ringtone

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