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    Cool Smartphone 2002

    guys, just want to ask something. does anyone from this groups have any idea about Smartphone 2002, software, hardware infrmation, any how to unlock it.

    thanks in advance.....

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    to unlock it will cost 10-20, it can be done remotely, what did u want to know about the hardware and software?

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    What smartphone you have? all but the mpx200 can be unlocked for free at the mo, need to know what phone you have.

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    i have this smartphone2002, right now im only customizing the home page (xml formatting and programming), but i want to unlock it so that i can use other subcriber line.

    i know that it is powered by windows, but can it be power by other os, like linux? i dont know much on the software side, but i have several knowledge when it come to hardware.

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    The unlocker is on my site, you need to stop ativce sync running by stopping wscom.exe or something like that (do a seach on here full info is given about this) also the software works only on XP, as for changing the OS, it has been done but the guy who done it is not saying how he done it more info on the smartphone can be found here good luck.

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    thanks man, it's been really a lot of help, actually if been in this forum since last year, but this is the first thime that i posted and make a thread on smartphone. It so happen that almost questions that im about to ask in the other threads have been answered.

    i'll work on this.

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    smart phones unlock

    Quote Originally Posted by lonegunman
    What smartphone you have? all but the mpx200 can be unlocked for free at the mo, need to know what phone you have.
    is smart amazing belongs to smart phones. at least two ask me if it is possible to unlock it. i have the imei, S and N numbers

    best regards,

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    spv e100 200

    please can you help with unlock these phones ?

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    hey, michael are you refering to smartphone tanager or smartphone voyager?

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    unlock spv e 100 & 200

    Hello, both phones are orange spv i get to 66% then it ends : invalid code aborting the earl first spv unlocks ok.

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