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Thread: Warning!! don`t buy in www.cdmasoftware

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    Warning!! don`t buy in www.cdmasoftware

    I want to warn people for the software published in ... Despite of the fact that he anounces the motorola package in the list. There is NOT such package. you only recive cheap stuf

    take care!!

    He also, had the cynicism to assure me via ICQ(165167131), that, he had the software. Hope you buy something nice with my money!, damned.

    Be careful with this guy!. Don`t buy here.

    this is the information of the guy that rob me.

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    The country: Ukraine.
    City: Kiev.
    The address: Tupoleva street, the house 20-G, an apartment 39.
    LastName: Trischuk
    FirstName: Ruslan
    MiddleName: Lyubomirovich

    Hola quiero advertir a la gente del software publicado en Apesar de que el hombre anuncia el paquete de software para Motorola en su lista, No hay tal!!. lo ¨nico que uno recibe es software obsoleto.

    Mucho cuidado con el!!

    AdemÓs tuvo el cinismo de asegurame via ICQ que lo tenýa. Espero que se compre algo bonito con mi dinero, perro.

    Tengan cuidado y no compren nada en este sitio.

    Aqui esta la informaci˛n de este cabr˛n que me rob˛.

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    The country: Ukraine.
    City: Kiev.
    The address: Tupoleva street, the house 20-G, an apartment 39.
    LastName: Trischuk
    FirstName: Ruslan
    MiddleName: Lyubomirovich

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    Hi I moved this thread here as it was nothing to do with DCT3 modding

    One day the world will end, the next day who will care??

    Read the forum rules by posting!!

    Please see This thread for help with posting

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    Exclamation Read It First!

    It is an anti-advertising of unfair competitors from Russia!

    Please! Do not do in advance conclusions.

    We sent you the order if you have paid it. If you have not received it - please, wait. It is connected only with problems авиа mails. If you have not received the order in current of 1 month - contact us! We shall repeat sending again (thus do not forget to name date and the given payments.).

    We - make Universal BOX!
    Name of our company - REVEN DEVELOPMENT LLC.
    We work in the market of 5 years!
    And we have no attitude to other sites and other liars from Russia which have begun the roguish activity and an anti-advertising more recently!

  4. cdmasoftware is known cheater from Ukraine, just look here -

    And here -

    Sea_sea wrote message 02.08.2004 and he still wait!!!

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    Exclamation DO NOT TRUST WWW.CDMA-WARE.COM ! Is a Cheater from RUSSIA!

    Never trust WWW.CDMA-WARE.COM !!! Is a known swindler from Chelyabinsk (Russia).
    We, and many our friends paid to it of money - but have not received instead of anything - we have lost the money!
    Have no affairs with WWW.CDMA-WARE.COM - if you appreciate the money! Also warn all your friends!

    ALL Messages with good responses about himself it creates itself! (under different names!)

  6. You are idiot, our little cheater from Ukraine and you will be bann on this forum soon.

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    now now girls, stop this bitching at each other and unless you have actual proof of cheating stopp you'r spamming of the boards

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    darx I couldn't agree more..

    ultimate solution it to ban you both..
    so be carefull BOTH of you

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    Exclamation RE: is a CHEATER from Russia (Chelyabinsk)

    Do not buy any products of !!! Is a Russian CHEATER! You lose money!!!
    You can free download all software from WWW.MOBILE-FILES.COM and WWW.MOBILE-FILES.RU (Register and download ALL)!!! No pay money to swindler from Chelyabinsk, Russia !!!
    And not BUY his UniBOX - you not received it, lose money only!

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    Mr. RobertTork,

    About Ur opinion, I think we know by now.

    U're banned for 2 weeks, not for posting this opinion, but for misbehaviour regarding this forum.

    After Ur return, please do Ur best to show Ur better side.

    U can checkout anytime U like, but U can never leave!

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    Ill just close this...too old to be discussed any more..
    Im the wind forever free...

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