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Thread: how can i unlock my 3390 cingular?

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    Arrow how can i unlock my 3390 cingular?

    so confused right now
    my imei are 0100897323101974
    and i been trying #pw+ and it doesn't work
    please help me!! asap

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    need more info if u want help

    there is a whole of info about this if you read more but since it seems that you're in the same predicament as i was when i first started out i'm willing to help you right off the back.

    first you have a wrong imei number. its supposed to be 15digits.reply by getting this number using *#06#

    second it doesn't simply work by typing in #pw+

    reply with the result that you get from typing in *#06# and i'll give you complete instructions. and next time give more effort in finding the info yourself, we all did and so should you.

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    you are not allowed to post imei numbers and/or codes in the forum.

    use private messages, read the faq's, download the programs, or use the online calculator here:

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