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Thread: Motorola A835

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    Motorola A835


    to all

    please need for experties

    i purchase the set that was locked after unlocking it i found the problem of memory full

    i try to formate the memory message appear formate failed try again

    i thousand in number try it but nothing problem resoved

    then i flash it with latestes flash and flex version

    but the problem is same memory full

    kindly suggest whats wrong why it show the memory full

    and not format

    thanks in advance

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    with what program did you flash/flex your phone, and where did you get the flash and flex files?

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    pst 7.00 download and work

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    Quote Originally Posted by zafarjanjua
    pst 7.00 download and work

    Hello , this pst 7.00 is original sw or is cracked one?

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