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Thread: Samsung R220

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    Samsung R220

    I'm having trouble unlocking my Samsung SHG R220 can any 1 help me?

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    try *2767*2878#

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    this is eep reset.

    for simlock removal u need cable and some sw that u can find on this forum or in downloads section
    Bau !

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    Alinus my brother insert the sim password lock in a r210s, there is a way to unlock simlock password by code? the phone was buyed without lock directly from Samsung, not branded.
    with eprom reset the phone should reset to password lock with eight 0?
    i've tried but without success, where is my fault?


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    this code resets sequrity..but to unlock U need a software...
    Im the wind forever free...

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    Thanks Sergo, i've used UST 6.0 to unlock, but now the phone say me system failure. What's wrong? i'm trying with "repair system fail", the program say completed but nothing change.
    I would write eprom and flash, but i don't know where to find ad if could be a possible solution.

    thanks in advance.

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