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Thread: Change the external LCD logo to mpx200

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    Change the external LCD logo to mpx200

    If you have a logo at your lcd and you want to remove, follow this instructions:

    Just been tampering with the PHM Registry Editor. Found a little registry key:


    This cool be (for orange): \windows\OrangeLogo.bmp

    So, I loaded up Paint Shop Pro, bastardised the old logo accordingly, and saved it back to the phone in \IPSM\Windows - then modified the registry to point to the new file, \IPSM\Windows\OrangeLogo.bmp ...

    One reboot later, and my external LCD no longer says "Orange"

    For AT&T phones (ie. ones that don't have the registry key and display only the clock) try this:

    "1. Added the registry value that "Guest" mentioned and pointed it to a 80x48 pixel 2 color bitmap that I placed in my "\IPSM\Windows\" directory.
    2: I changed the existing registry value of "FlipLogo" from "0" to "1". "

    In a nutshell, if the registry key ain't there - just create it. (type: REG_SZ in case you're wondering)

    FlipLogo is 1 on my phone by default, but FlipLogo 0 I assume would save you having to flip and mirror it in Paint Shop Pro or whatever you use.

    you can use this info to put your own logo there.
    It's 2 colour 80 x 48 pixels.

    You can get a registry editor here:

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