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Thread: How to control a mobile phone using a PIC (16C74B)?

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    How to control a mobile phone using a PIC (16C74B)?

    Could somebody please help me or point me in the right direction of how to control a mobile phone using a datalead and a PIC (16C74B) ?

    It is for an alarm project for which I would like the PIC to:

    1) Send an SMS text message
    2) Answer an incoming call so that the caller can 'listen in' on where ever the phone might be
    3) Be able use DTMF tones to activate relays etc. once the call has been answered (having entered a correct PIN number).

    I have a spare Nokia 8210 (the display does not work) and a Sony Erricson T68i (the keypad does not work).

    Am I correct in saying that the communication will use either MBUS or FBUS on the phone and USART on the PIC?

    I have written a couple of programs in assembly on the PIC so I know the basics but I have no idea where to start for this project.

    Does there need to be a constant communication between the phone and the PIC?

    Or does it just need a wake up call to establish a connection?

    I snooped on the Nokia 8210 Tx/Rx lines with a scope using a datalead I made whilst running Logo Manager. There was a constant data stream but this may have been to update the Battery Level and Signal Strength symbols in Logo Manager?

    What data command do I need to send the phone so I can send an SMS text or answer an incoming call ?

    Will there be any differences between using different models of Nokia phones or different makes of phone like the T68i? Or is there a standard comms protocol?

    Any help or software code would be greatly appreciated.



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    I think U need more info on fbus or mbus communication protocols which Nokia uses.

    A good help to understand that is the gammu/ gnoki package.

    That contains good demos and a nice list (6110.txt) of what sort of commands and results can be used by Nokia.

    Looks to me simpler for U as inventing the wheel again with snooping ports.

    I have no link, but search here or at google will lead U there.

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    I am trying to use a basic atom to connect to a Nokia 3210. The atom is just a PIC16 something but it accepts mbsaic code instead of assembly. I found the GNOKII project ages ago, and can't figure it out. All I want to do is send an SMS. I have found other people who have worked with the fbus and mbus. I've managed to decode some of the frames I think but, there are some which are encoded weirdly. The notes on the webpages that I found say that the data is packed in BCD, no matter which version of BSD I use I can;t get the same that they got. An example is the SMSC number, in decimal it is 12345678, and in their packed (BCD to hex) it is 21 43 65 87 f9 63 a8 00 00 00. I was also unable to find complete info for the end of the message. I have the field names but no idea what data goes into them.
    I have attached a text file showing what I've found so far, I'd like anyone who knows what they are doing to correct it for me and exaplin how to pack data into their format. The values in brackets are the actual peices of data. I have no idea what fields 27 and 28 are for, 29 is a checksum.
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    thats great. I've been after those docs for a while, and everywhere i found them you had to pay to download them.

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