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Thread: New Section... Symbians Miscellenous/Fun Sections

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    New Section... Symbians Miscellenous/Fun Sections

    Hello to the nokia symbian community.

    The Nokiafree Team have set up this new section, for miscellenous stuff.

    Wat threads falls into miscellenous/fun stuff?

    Non games/apps related
    - Games to be posted in games sections, apps to be posted in apps sections.
    - Post here, tones, logos, wallpapers (fun stuff)
    - mIRC threads here too
    - Tomtom city maps (or related topics)
    - Themes/Iconz
    - Ebooks

    This section will only cater to nokia symbian phones.

    Why this new section you might ask?

    This is to make archiving/searching for stuff much easier.

    So, enjoy and post up all the fun stuff u have and share the miscellenous stuff/knowledge here!

    PS. NO WAREZ allowed!!!

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    Read rules here before posting!

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