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Thread: gammu --nokiadebug

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    gammu --nokiadebug

    Hi all,

    Ik would like to learn more about the protocol that is used between BS and GSM. I found a link to opengpa ( form project backsphere, which can analyse the out.xml of gammu.

    But when I run
    gammu --nokiadebug nhm5_587.txt v18-19
    on my Nok3210.

    The result is always:

    <?xml version="1.0" ?>
    <dump />

    So opengpa has nothing to analyse

    Has any of you guys experience with this stuff?

    Your help is really appreciated,

    Warm regards,


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    using --nokiadebug

    Simple mistake that got me for a minute.

    The parameter where you have the v18-19 is actually meant to be 2 sets of codes with a comma (,) between them.
    The first set is basic info and the second is the extended.

    If you are only after an out.xml then you can just use ,v18-19 instead of v18-19


    gammu --nokiadebug nhm5_587.txt ,v18-19

    Note the extra , in there!


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