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    Talking anonymous messages

    is there a way send anonymous messages from your nokia to other nokia???
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    nope. visit some free SMS internet sites. some offer anonymous SMS.

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    If you have a java or sis phone you can use smsxtender its not free , but it does allow you to send SMS from any name or number.

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    How can they make it so that text comes up on the receivers phone???

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    When you recieve a message your phone loads up a bit of data from the sender
    As SMS are not sent phone to phone but from Phone to server and server to phone the sender bit in the header can be text also

    This is also the reason why you can send annonymous messages from online mesaging softwares and not from your mobile

    When you send a message from your mobile you are sending it to your networks server they will be able to tell which mobile has sent the number (they need to know the billing info ) and so send it on with your message

    hope this clears a few things up

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    how about sending vcards?

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