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Thread: Nokia 6600 killed after flash

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    Nokia 6600 killed after flash


    After flash my 6600 to latest 5.2.7 firmware, using Prodigy clone ... now the phone don't start! When press the power-on, the screen just flash in black and nothing more happend.

    Prodigy not detect any phone connected. The flash process was succesfull, but the phone is killed. I have succesfully flashed other Nokia phones with the box and problem before.

    There are any solution for this ? Any other way to flash or repair the phone ?

    Any tips will be appreciated.


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    Your box do not let to flash deads dct4 phones. Try other box.

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    chang s/w v and try to flash that agine

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    this is not software problem . it is hardware one . heat on UEM and try SW .
    if not replace UEM .

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