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Thread: Siemens C60 that keeps turning off

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    Siemens C60 that keeps turning off

    Hey Guys and Gals,

    I have a Siemens C60 that was workin perfectly until this morning, but now when i turn it on, the screen lights up, and then shuts down again.

    any ideas??? i would appreciate any help anyone can offer... it would mean a lot to me to get this phone working again...

    Thanks all.

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    Thumbs up solution

    hi, contact me
    i have the solution
    i can give u the dongle for u
    flash that one

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    Quote Originally Posted by shyjuapex
    hi, contact me
    i have the solution
    i can give u the dongle for u
    flash that one

    Don't fall for people trying to scam you by sellin you dongles. Your phone should be covered by the Manufactures warranty still. Send it in to the nearest Siemens Depot, and have them fix/repair it. Attempting to fix it yourslef with cable/dongle, will only make it worse and void warranty.

    Plus, as Shyjuapex did not mention, the shutting off, is linked to the Power Amplifer, and needs to be re-soldered to fix correctly.

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