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Thread: Unlock Flash Gu87 Gd87 Gd88 Step By Step

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    Unlock Flash Gu87 Gd87 Gd88 Step By Step

    it might seem a bit hard to do, but once you finish the first step ( flash the phone ) the rest is easy

    before unlocking your phone you need to downgrade the software version by flashing it with A22
    1. A Panasonic GU87 Handset FULLY CHARGED
    2. A Serial (not usb) Data Cable.
    3. WinMoDo Software :
    4. Flash Files :
    5. CB2000 :
    6. CRACK2D (panasonicgd 6x and gd8x)
    7. driver for the phone (Data Connection Assistant Version 4.0)

    after you download the listed above, install the driver for the phone then
    run WinMoDo

    Lets get started;

    1. Select Com port.

    2. Select phone model ( In this case choose "GD87" )

    3. Select baud rate, choose "115200"

    4. Make sure the 2 boxes (MAIN AND BOOT) are green by pressing them. ( when the boxs are green this defines that the part of the phone will be flashed, when red it will not be flashed)

    5. Connect phone to the cable ( Phone must be off )

    7. Now choose image file ( The image file is the main filmware of the phone, this does not contain language packs).

    8. When the above is completed simply press the " Start download button".

    9. When the progress report window shows "signalling" press the power button on the phone for a second (do not power on the phone)

    10. Now just wait approximately 15 minutes, within in 15 minutes you will see various reports in the progress report window, as below.

    As the phone is being flashed you will see the vertical progress bar moving towards 100% , as below

    11. If every thing went according to plan the last progress report window will display " Download completed successfully"

    12. now places 2 pieces of Scotch tape of the size of a copper contact on pines 4 and 10 of the GD87. Check that the insulator does not overflow on another pine
    13. start CB2000.

    Click on Handset Power and lights the GD87 immediately.

    Go in Data and Write Setting Function Clear (Memory Erase).

    close the interface, disconnect the cable.

    replug the GD87, and start Spunlock (Crack2).

    In the mitre configuration, select the good port COM, that which you connected on the PC.

    Click on Read GD87/88 codes.

    Eeprom is freed automatically, but the manipulation will be done since the mobile:

    Light the GD87 without sim, slaps 746 then the central key 2 times

    Enter the Net codes with 16 digits.


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    Oh well, I have tried all of thes on my GD87 and no luck, my phone has 3 locks and the worst of all UNLOCK is BLOCKED. Getting the Network Code Key doesn't help much. Can IMEI change unlock the phone that is blocked like this?

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    Question unlock flash gd87

    i followed ur instruction to & tried to download ur recommended programmes to unlock my panasonic gd87 but i couldn't get the language. can u help in dis direction....

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    Quote Originally Posted by drumro2
    i followed ur instruction to & tried to download ur recommended programmes to unlock my panasonic gd87 but i couldn't get the language. can u help in dis direction....
    If anybody needs help with this, I am willing to help (I have subcribed to the thread so post on here and I'll try and help).

    I followed the instructions above (plus a little research as they are incomplete)and unlocked my GD87

    So to add to the info above, you need to make sure you download CB2000 and NOT CB2000 1.5.

    When you click on the handset power button in CB2000 you need to press the power button in order to get the programme to connect

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