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Thread: Unlocking X70 using code

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    Unlocking X70 using code

    A number of weeks ago I put the details of my phone into the 'sticky' about unlocking. Since then nothing has happened and I've noticed that there are quite a few others who have made the same request, but with no response.

    Is this because the X70 cannot be unlocked using code? The reason I ask is twofold:

    - I have been told that it cannot be done using code. This came to me from postings on another forum.

    - If it cannot be done then perhaps a 'sticky' to that effect could be posted, please. It would save a lot of unnecessary postings by other people who need an X70 unlocking and think that it can be done by code.

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    that sticky is not needed..
    there is nobody but you provider that is able to give you unlock codes.. (it is possible with codes but nobody can supply)

    there is just ONE solution at moment and that is;
    Griffin dongle and using there server.


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    Thank you for that. So to be absolutely clear then this confirms that the x70 cannot be unlocked using codes. Oh well

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    Panasonic X70 - What I Know

    There is a hidden menu in the x70 which gives options for unlock etc.
    But it askes for a Key Code before it will unlock.

    if it helps anyone what you do to access is:

    1. switch on the phone
    2. before phone switches on fully i.e before it finishes searching for network.
    3. press the following within 5 seconds

    746 then press large round button twice.

    the menu will come up and give you options.
    Just wish i could get the key code or a key code generator going by IMIE.

    does anyone know if in the near future there will be the possibility of a direct unlock solution for this phone.

    by the way griffin only works if the firmware is less than A32, A32 and higher cannot be unlocked via Griffin. plus i have also heard that griffin sometimes screws up the bluetooth functions of the phone.

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    Thanks Sytec. That's an interesting snippet. I tried it and it worked straight away. So now all we need are the codes

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    Red face im another x70 owner doomed to search the net for ever for the holly code.

    shit, Ive just bought one x70, quite a nice phone, I was going to give it to my girlfriend. she is goin home to kiev for the summer and needs to put a local jeans telecom sim card into it.
    At the moment its stuck on orange. why do the manufacturers alow the phone companies to do such a thing. it aint fair.

    does anyone know a Panasonic insider?

    How the hell did you find that trick out, so that proves a codes exists but no body knows it.
    I dont know if that good news are even worst news.

    damn, I blew 40 on that phone, orange sucks. 1 year old ex contractor.
    I thought all phones could be unlocked.

    anyone noticed that this website layout/ forum engine has been used many times before
    check this out

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