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Thread: Newbie trying to unlock M56 and C56

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    Newbie trying to unlock M56 and C56

    ok, ive succesfully gotten sony erricsons and nokias unlocked, and ive being doing nextels for ages, but siemens is really confusing me..
    i have freia f9_162c and and an aftermarket data cable i got off ebay. do i need some sort of dongle( like the sony ericcsons)? i saw something about a test point.. is this required for all siemens models? ive been looking around for a tutorial on how to use freia or any kind of good guide, and am just having trouble finding it.. any help is appreciated, thanks

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    ok ignore this, i got it working... didnt realize you had to press power when it said "waiting to power on phone.. i thought it would do it itself..

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    I don't have a cable...

    Is there anyway to do a Remote Unlock on the Siemens C56. I've got the IMEI code and the provider was AT&T Wireless. is there anything else I'd need?

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