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Thread: V2260 all f's in ESN

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    V2260 all f's in ESN

    Today my cell phone stopped working. Come to find out the ESN number got clobbered somehow. It shows up as all f's. IT is a Motorola V2260.

    What would cause the ESN number to get clobbered? How do I correct it?


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    Sounds like you need to reflash your phone. What software are/have you used if any?

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    im not so sure flashing the phone with new software will help; give it a try though

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    Had this happen with a StarTAC on US Cellular several years ago. Seems their over the air programming screwed the ESN somehow. Phone was under warranty, so I sent it in, Motorola wasn't too happy. Sent a fraud alert back with it...

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