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Thread: MobileBugtraq - For all coders

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    MobileBugtraq - For all coders

    For all coders

    MobileBugtraq is a new discussion mailing list about security of mobile terminals systems
    including all sorts of platforms. Topics of discussion might be related to
    hacking, protecting against break-ins, system bugs and exploits, etc.

    The postings in this list may be written either in English.

    To subscribe to the MobileBugtraq list, one should send an e-mail to: [email protected]
    (just including in the main message body (no subject is needed): subscription)

    After having subscribed, one might send messages to the MobileBugtraq List at the address: [email protected]

    See you soon to talk about mobile bugs and share your knowledge.

    Url - - Symbian, 3G, Drm, Bluetooth, Java, Windows Mobile, etc.

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