At first, thanks for reading this.
I've got a Nokia Observation Camera about a year ago.
I've installed it the normal way, placed a SIM in it, installed the PC suite on my laptop and set up the phone.
Everything worked great, and normal.

I didn't used it for a month or 8, and it has been of powered for that same long time... (I didn't used it no more, the MMS sending got too expencive so I just stopped using it)

Now I've installed the PC suite to my new PC and wanted to use the observation camera again. When I've installed the PC suite, and connected the Observation Camera to my PC (trough the serial cable that came with it), the Nokia observation Camera Suite asks for a 'Security Code'
The manual tells me the standard code is 1234 but that doesn't work.
I've might changed the code myself, but can't remember what it was (I have a good clue about what it should be, and I've tried it in all variations, but it doesnt work)

On the observation Camera there are three lights, n1 is normal green, n2 is out and n3 is blinking red.

Is there anything I can try before I take it to a Nokia store or service point?
I've got the camera for free, I have the box, serail number, etc... (the company I work for got it ( about a year ago) as a demonstration model, we only took pictures from it and that's it...)

I've read some things about 'flashing' the memory, but if I look on this forum and the categories, it doesn't tell the categorie Nokia Observation Camera should be in...

Anyone who has a usefull suggestion, please let me know...

The camera phone is not stollen, I just wanna safe some money by sorting this problem myself (maybe with your great help) in stead of taking it to a nokia shop or service point.

Thanks again for reading all this!