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Thread: Need help unlock free A840

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    Need help unlock free A840


    Please i need help!!!!

    Need unlock Motorola A840. How i can unlock?


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    Quote Originally Posted by renegade_

    Please i need help!!!!

    Need unlock Motorola A840. How i can unlock?

    go to LINK REMOVED
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    Please dont post links to threads in other forums, post your solution here so that other members may benefit from it...

    Searching is the act of trying to find something or someone...

    One may search for something that is known to exist, with the intent to locate it...

    If You Post IMEI's or Code Request then READ THIS!!

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    I believe the only way to unlock these handset is via USB cable and downloading a program that calculates the code via LOG file via a third party, thus its not free! and you need the USB cable!

    The website is refered to elsewhere on Nfree, try performing a search

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    There is an site called The Unlock Unlock Your Phone It provides the unlocking code as well as unlocking instructions for mobiles.....I unlocked my mobile using this instructions.....

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