I have been trying to connect my 7600 to my pc but i have been having problems.

Initially i plugged the cable to the phone and plugged it into the USB port. I tried installing the cable driver software, after selecting the the language the nothing happened until some time late i got the following error message 'Failed to install' - or something very similar. I then reverted to the instructions And it said to install before connecting the cable, so i removed the cable and retried to install the drivers, this time they installed no problems.

I now tried to install the PC Suite (6.1 is on the CD), unfortunately after selecting the language this also hung until sometime later i got the same 'Failed to install' message. I tried this will the cable connected and also with it disconnected - always with the same result. I then tried to download the latest version from the Nokia website (5.7 was the latest i could find), but i tried that anyway - again to the same effect.

Has anybody got this working, or had this problem themselves?


I run XP sp2, the cable came with the phone, so i would REALLY hope its the right one!