Forgive me if i come across as a complete newbie but I wanted to know if anyone can actually explain the difference between a DKU-2 and DKU-5 cable.

For all the diagrams/schematics i've looked at i can't see how there can be a huge difference between the two. After all the both use the pop-port which regardless of phone seems to have the same pinout.

So what's the difference between the two.

I ordered a data cable from a phone retailer here in Oz and ended up with a DKU-2 cable. Unfortunately I have a 7250i which is supposed to take a DKU-5 cable.

My theory is if they're both usb cables and both use the same pop-port then what can be the difference and how hard would it be to simply change a wire or two over in the pop=port plug to make it a DKU-5 cable.

Any input that can shed a bit of light on this subject would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.