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Thread: Does a Nokia Firmware Upgrade Remove the Network Lock?

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    Does a Nokia Firmware Upgrade Remove the Network Lock?

    I have a question that would be great is someone could answer. I have a Nokia 3120 locked to Optus. I used the Nokiafree calc and it did not unlock it. I have used up the 5 attempts to unlock it. If I take it to Nokia care and the Optus Firmware is removed and is replaced with a generic firmware, will that remove the network lock? If not can I unlock the phone using some software and my DKU-5 cable?
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    yes, firmware upgrades can remove the network lock, but its up to the person flashing whether or not they want to do this.

    Procedure for unlocking Optus 3120 (won't work if you've used up the 5 chances):

    use the software available from this site.

    when u run the software, go into options and select expert mode. use 32835 for they key code just above the calculate button.

    everything else is straightforward, just follow the normal procedures, type in the imei and select the network the phone is locked to (singtel optus in this case). press calculate and enter the code that ends with 7 into the phone.

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