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Thread: Panaufo 4.1 cracked

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    Panaufo 4.1 cracked

    Enjoy this software

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    As usual !
    GOOD job !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gsmschwantz
    Enjoy this software

    Where are the instructions to use the panaufo software and what cable is required

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    Cool umm whats the password lol

    hi i dont meaz\n to seem deem but im looking hard and cant make the red word out so i ask wats the password can anyone let me know thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by phill60212
    hi i dont meaz\n to seem deem but im looking hard and cant make the red word out so i ask wats the password can anyone let me know thanks

    The banner say i-ztnawhcs.

    U can checkout anytime U like, but U can never leave!

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    Smile instruction to unlock GD87

    hi if sum1 could provide me the instruction to unlock for GD87/88 plz. thnx in advance

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    plz where r going

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