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Thread: Unlock X640

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    Unlock X640

    Please could anyone help me? I have an x640 that is locked to voda and I need it to work for virgin? Imei is 35589900314724/2 Many thanks if anyone could help!!

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    please help


    please help me unlock my Samsung X640.

    I tried using the code **2767*688#, but it didnt work.

    can you please send me unlocking software for X640? Please...


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    try this...
    put in the sim you'd like to use next
    turn on the phone
    press *#9998*3323#
    press exit
    then press 6,7,8 or 9 the phone restarts
    enter *0141# and press call button.... that should work!

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    Get the unlock code here Super Unlock Codes- Unlock Your Phone It provides unlock code and instructions...With the help or this you can unlock easily...

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