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    need equipment

    hi, i am new on this site, i need someone to enlighten me, i just completed my training in repairs, but i want to set a repair outfit, but i don't know the required equipment cos where i am staying is local region, i have the money, could somebody pls tell me the equipment that is neccesary both hardwarw and software

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    Here a short list with tool U gonna need for first time..
    1.Soldering iron /weller reccomended/
    2.Hot air station /BEB 852 is good enough/
    3.Thirth hand
    4.Resoldering wire
    5.BGA plates
    6.Liquid thinol
    9.screw drivers set
    10.Some dentist tools
    That was about software..
    1.Data much as U can get..
    2.Visit this place:
    These are the things which will give U the opertunityto have a good service for the begining...reading forums and practice U will find many other things U can use...
    Good luck!
    Im the wind forever free...

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